Research Cluster #1

APHERP Co-Director Dr. John Hawkins with participants of the first APHERP Research Cluster, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan February 2014

APHERP Co-Director Dr. John Hawkins with participants of the first APHERP Research Cluster, held at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan, February 2014

On February 24-25, APHERP’s first Research Cluster was held at Doshisha University in Kyoto Japan, hosted by Professor Reiko Yamada and Vice President Shiro Yamada.  The topic of the Research Cluster was “Globalization and Internationalization of Higher Education: Which is it?  Or Both?”  The selection of this topic was prompted by the continued policy efforts of higher education institutions and Ministries in the Asia Pacific region to link higher education with these two complex but sometimes confusing notions.  To that end, participants were invited who had demonstrated a strong interest in this topic with a focus on the following regions:  Japan, Korea, Taiwan, US, and China.  An effort was also made to invite a mix of both senior and emerging scholars working on this topic. The meeting resulted in a re-thinking of both the concepts of globalization and internationalization as well as the application of these concepts. 

The participants and their topics were as follows:

  • Tina Kang, Ph.D. candidate, Associate of Program Officer, National Chung Cheng University:  “The space of higher education—to be visible and to be made invisible.”
  • Kazuhito Obara, Associate Professor, Tamagawa University:  “Globalizing student’s learning outcome: credit substantiation at Japanese universities.”
  • Aki Yamada, Ph.D. candidate, UCLA:  “Internationalization and challenges for East Asian students at US Universities.”
  • Yi Yang, Associate Professor, Doshisha University:  “How arts education can contribute to globalization of higher education in China.”
  • Reiko Yamada, Professor, Director of Center for Learning Support and Faculty Development, Doshisha University:  “The direction of Japanese higher education policy for globalization: What is the meaning of campus internationalization?”
  • Stephanie Kim, Ph.D. candidate, UCLA: “The paradox of internationalization at a Korean university.”
  • William R. Stevenson III, Professor, Doshisha University:  “Globalization and the MOOCification of higher education.”
  • John N. Hawkins, Professor Emeritus, UCLA, Co-Director, APHERP, East West Center:  “Globalization, internationalization, and Asian educational hubs: do we need some new metaphors?”
  • Yoshiro Tanaka, Professor, Executive Assistant to the President of J F Oberlin University: served as commentator.



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