Leadership Institute – Chia-yi, 2013

October 7-17, 2013
National Chung Cheng University
Chia-yi, Taiwan

Core Materials

• List of 2013 Participants (PDF)
• Exercise for Access, Equity and Capacity, Knowledge society and Migration (PDF)
• Exercise on Public Good (PDF)


1. “The Intractable Dominant Educational Paradigm,” John Hawkins (PDF)
2. The IFE 2020 Tool Kit (PDF)
3. “The Transformation of Research in the Knowledge Society, John Hawksins” (PDF)
4. “International Student Mobility for East Asian Integration,” Kazuo Kuroda (PDF)
5. “Mobility, Markets and Equity in Higher Education:  Match or Mismatch?” Peter Hershock (PDF)
6. “The New ‘Ecology’ for Higher Education:  Challenges to Accreditation,” Peter Ewell (PDF)
7. “Concept Paper for November Senior Seminar:  21st Century Work Skills and Competencies,” John Hawkins & Deane Neubauer (PDF)
8. “Redefining Public and Private in Asia Pacific Higher Education,” Molly Lee & Deane Neubauer (PDF)


1. A Proposal to Create an Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership:  Innovation, Policy, Governance and Quality, Deane Neubauer & John Hawkins (PDF)
2. The Intractable Dominant Educational Paradigm, John Hawkins (PDF)
3. Ten Globalization Challenges for Higher Education, Deane Neubauer (PDF)
4. Framing the Conversation about the Knowledge Society, John Hawkins & Deane Neubauer (PDF)
5. Higher Education and Quality Assurance:  Trends and Tensions in Asia, Deane Neubauer & John Hawkins (PDF)
6. Defining and Measuring Capacity in Asia Pacific Higher Education, John Hawkins & Deane Neubauer (PDF)
7. Mobility Data for Asia Higher Education (PDF)
8. Understanding Regionalization of Higher Education in Asia, Jane Knight (PDF)
9. The Changing Social Ecology of Higher Education in the Asia Pacific Region, Deane Neubauer (PDF)
10. Increasing Globalization of Higher Education:  Implication for South East Asia, Deane Neubauer (PDF)
11. The Continuing Paradigm Changing of Higher Education:  Changing Ecology, Deane Neubauer (PDF)
12. APEC Learning Outcomes, Christopher S. Collins (PDF)
13. The Social Benefits of Higher Education, Christopher C. Collins (PDF)
14. Higher Education and “Public Good,” Christopher C. Collins (PDF)
15. How Might University Rankings Contribute to Quality Assurance Endeavors? Deane Neubauer (PDF)
16. Regionalization and Governance, Molly N.N. Lee (PDF)
17. Higher Education:  Public Good or Private Service? Molly N.N. Lee (PDF)
18. Changing Dynamics of Higher Education in Asia-Pacific, Molly N.N. Lee (PDF)
19. Globalizing Practices in Asian-Pacific Universities, Moly N.N. Lee (PDF)

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