Leadership Institutes

APHERP Leadership Institutes have emerged out of their predecessors conducted by the East-West Center’s International Forum for Education (IFE) 2020.  Begun in 2005, and initially conducted over a month, these institutes were intended to assist mid-career personnel in a range of higher education activities (e.g., university faculty, administrators, ministries of education, quality assurance, etc.) to gain a better sense of the range and nature of change taking place within Asia Pacific Higher Education. Over the next seven years, the institutes were reduced to 11-14 days to accommodate the demands of participants’ workplace schedules.  The curricula of these institutes were year to year and constituted out of the cumulative work of the IFE’s Senior Seminars and the publications that emerged from these.

APHERP leadership institutes are conducted annually, attended by mid-career individuals from membership institutions.  They are intensive sessions of approximately 10 days duration, intended to familiarize attendees in the major higher education policy discourses of the region.  These institutes are modeled after those conducted previously by the International Forum for Education 2020 (IFE 2020) of the East-West Center, the predecessor organization to APHERP.  The curriculum of these sessions is derived in large part from IFE 2020 and APHERP Senior Seminars are presented by an international faculty.  Since 2013 these institutes have been held at the National Chung Cheng University in Chai-yi, Taiwan, usually during the summer months.

Since the formation of APHERP in early 2013, the first Leadership Institute was conducted at the National Chung Cheng University in Chia-yi, Taiwan from October 7-17, 2013.

Currently institutes are offered to member institutions each summer, most recently at National Chung Cheng University, usually in August.  The 2017 Institute will be held from July 31-August 9, 2017.

Participation is open to nominated individuals from member institutions.

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