Emergent Horizons Papers

The rapidity and constancy of change in the Asia Pacific higher education environment has encouraged APHERP to work with a group of talented and fore-sighted scholars to create a series of papers that seek to anticipate changes likely to occur within the Asia Pacific Higher Education environment. We have seen this as an effort to “look over the horizon” (as it were) to identify such changes and hopefully to gain insights into the nature of such changes and the implications they may have on the higher education environment.

Some have referred to the overall nature of these changes as shifts taking place within the “ecology” of higher education, a framing with which we would be in agreement as well.

Our intent is to present in this space such original papers, termed  “emerging horizon” papers at a rate of one every two months, alternating Western and Asia Pacific perspectives.  Ideas presented and developed in these papers will be integrated over the coming months into forthcoming senior seminars and leadership institutes.

Paper #1:  Richard DeMillo, “New Global Ecosystems for Higher Education” (download PDF)

Paper #2:  Weiming Tu, “Understanding Ecological Civilization:  The Confucian Way” (download PDF)

Paper #3:  Peter Ewell, “Global Challenges to Higher Education:  Responding to a ‘New Ecology'” (download PDF)

Paper #4:  Karl Kim, “Sustainability to Resilience:  Implications for Global Education and Training” (download PDF)

Paper #5:  Rui Yang, “Western Practicality Fused with Confucian Virtues: How far can it take East Asia’s Higher Education?” (download PDF)

Paper # 6: William G. Tierney, “Creating an Environment for Innovation in Tertiary Education” (download PDF)



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