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Senior Seminars

Senior Seminars Conducted by the East-West Center International Forum for Education 2020 2001-2004 Honolulu, November 2002: Dialogue on Shaping New Paradigms in Education Hong Kong, December 2003: Shaping New Paradigms for Education Honolulu, September 2004: International Forum for Education Contributions from these seminars have been aggregated as Peter D. Hershock, Mark Mason and John N. […]

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Contact Information

Co-directors APHERP Information Deane E. Neubauer, John N. Hawkins, Staff and Contact Information Penny Higa,

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2012 Institute (Sept. 4-15)

Core Materials • List of 2012 Participants (PDF) • Schedule (PDF) • The IFE 2020 Tool Kit (PDF) Readings 1. “The Intractable Dominant Educational Paradigm,” John Hawkins (PDF) 2. The IFE 2020 Tool Kit (PDF) 3. Final Project (PDF) 4. “Globalization & Education: Characteristics, Dynamics, Implications,” Deane Neubauer (PDF) 5. “Redefining Public & Private in […]

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