Bluepoint may be teasing Metal Gear Solid and Bloodborne remakes

Bluepoint Games has proven itself to be the king of the remake, following the release of Shadow of The Colossus and Demon’s Souls. For months players have pleaded for FromSoftware’s Bloodborne or Kojima Productions’ Metal Gear Solid to get the same treatment. Bluepoint seems to be teasing a brand-new project, and many are hopeful that there could be remakes in the future.

To celebrate the end of the year, the developer is showing some holiday spirit in the form of a Bluepoint Games Christmas card. Though, it isn’t your standard Hallmark affair, as Kratos’s Leviathan Axe and a Demon’s Soul shield cosy up by the fire. You’ll spot the Ancient Sword too, but it’s the fourth, unopened present that has gamers turning on their detective vision.

Fans are hopeful that Bluepoint Games will unveil its long-rumoured Metal Gear Solid remake or even the highly sought-after Bloodborne remake. Bloodborne’s lack of a 60FPS patch or next-gen treatment has kept conversations alive for months.

Rumours of a Metal Gear Solid remake have also dominated the conversation around Bluepoint Games. Leaker Millie A dispelled an MGS1 remake last year. Despite the murky water between Konami and Kojima Productions, players are still eager to see Solid Snake’s seminal adventure receive a modern update.

Some gamers are sure an MGS remake is coming, looking deeper into the design of the fourth present.

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