Overwatch 2 stats prove Reinhardt doesn’t need a buff

With Overwatch 2’s one-tank meta, it’s all too easy to convince yourself that your favourite tank hero – your main when you dive into the Overwatch 2 competitive mode – is weaker than a recently-hooked Tracer. However, that doesn’t mean they are as weak as you think. If you’re someone who thinks Reinhardt needs a buff, we’re here to tell you that you’re wrong – and the statistics prove it.

In a discussion kick-started by Overwatch 2 players ‘Big_Recognition_6375’ on Reddit, quite a few of you came together to discuss changes you’d want to see Blizzard make in order to bring Reinhardt “back into relevance”.

These changes, in and amongst the meme-able suggestions of magnetic boots and a tactical nuke, were some that have merit. For example, some of you suggested a simple damage buff for his Fire Strike and Charge. However, some of you suggested that Reinhardt’s shield should have an increased value – and even two modes of use, one that’s heavier like his current shield and another similar to Brigitte’s shield.

While there are some interesting things to think about when it comes to altering Reinhardt’s kit and breathing fresh life into his gameplay, we feel as though we should make it absolutely clear that he is one of the best Overwatch 2 tank characters. Reinhardt, quite simply, doesn’t need to be updated. At all.

We know Reinhardt’s shield is quite a bit weaker than it was, and that it never feels like enough when you’re the only tank trying to protect your team, but the statistics show that it’s actually in a very good place right now.

Looking at Overbuff, an Overwatch 2 stats tracking website, we can see just how dominant Reinhardt is in Blizzard’s hero shooter – despite the fact there are those of you out there thinking him irrelevant to the meta.

Reinhardt has the third-highest pick-rate in Overwatch 2 right now and, when you look at the current Overwatch 2 win rates, a middling win-rate of 45.9% – which is more than other tank heroes Junker Queen, Zarya, Orisa, DVA, Roadhog, and Winston. In Overwatch 2’s competitive playlists, Reinhardt is even more dominant – only second in popularity to Ana – and the second most-successful tank hero behind Doomfist.

It’s worth noting that, right now, Overbuff can only track Overwatch 2 stats for players playing on the PC version of the game. However, we can imagine the average experience is universal – no matter the platform. As weak as you think Reinhardt is, Blizzard has more pressing issues when it comes to this shooter. For example, there’s a hilarious new Overwatch 2 Mercy bug that lets you insta-heal teammates.

Overwatch 2 is one of the best Christmas games – especially if you get together and play it with your friends – but that doesn’t mean everyone with a big white beard needs a holiday buff. Besides, Torbjorn is the Santa of Overwatch anyway, right?