James Bradberry: Winning a lot helped me come to peace with Giants release

The Giants’ cap situation this offseason made it inevitable that they were going to part ways with cornerback James Bradberry, but their decision to wait until May to release him meant that other teams had already spent most of their free agent budgets before he became available.

Bradberry eventually signed a one-year deal with the Eagles and he’s joined Darius Slay as a very effective cornerback duo for the 11-1 team. Bradberry gets his first chance to face his old team this weekend and he said this week that he doesn’t feel like the matchup carries the same level of emotion that was evident for wide receiver A.J. Brown against the Titans last weekend.

“I think the situations were a little different. . . . I have come to peace with it,” Bradberry said, via Dave Zangaro of NBCSportsPhiladelphia.com. “And us winning a lot of football games has helped me with that. I’m part of the Eagles, we’re winning and I’m going to try to keep that going.”

Bradberry’s strong play and the Eagles’ winning record should set him up well for this offseason’s bite at the free agent apple, so there’s plenty of motivation beyond sticking it to the Giants this Sunday.