2012 Institute (Sept. 4-15)

Core Materials

• List of 2012 Participants (PDF)
• Schedule (PDF)
• The IFE 2020 Tool Kit (PDF)


1. “The Intractable Dominant Educational Paradigm,” John Hawkins (PDF)
2. The IFE 2020 Tool Kit (PDF)
3. Final Project (PDF)
4. “Globalization & Education: Characteristics, Dynamics, Implications,” Deane Neubauer (PDF)
5. “Redefining Public & Private in Asia Pacific Higher Education,” Molly Lee & Deane Neubauer (PDF)
6. “Aligning Capacity with Needs in the Process of Massification of Higher Education in China: Northeast Normal University as a Case,” Yang Zhong (PDF)
7. “Variations on Equity and Access in Higher Education in Asia,” Hawkins (PDF)
8. “The Transformation of Research in the Knowledge Society,” Hawkins (PDF)
9. “Asserting Brain Power & Expanding Education Services: Searching for New Governance & Regulatory Regimes in Singapore, Hong Kong & Malaysia,” Ka Ho Mok & Kok Chung Ong (PDF)
10. “Information & Innovation in a Global Knowledge Society: Implications for Higher Education,” Peter Hershock (PDF)
11. “Region Cooperation or Competition? The Rise of Transnational Higher Education & the Emergence of Regulatory Regionalism in Asia,” Mok (PDF)
12. “International Student Mobility for East Asian Integration,” Kazuo Kuroda (PDF)
13. “A Conceptual Framework for the Regionalization of Higher Education: Application to Asia,” Jane Knight (PDF)
14. “The Social, Economic and Culture Development of Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Four Contestable Hypotheses” (PDF)
15. “The New ‘Ecology’ for Higher Education: Challenges to Accreditation,” Peter Ewell (PDF)
16. “Quality Assurance and Qualification Recognition of Higher Education in APEC: Status and Comparison,” Molly N.N. Lee (PDF)


1. Introducing IFE 2020 (PDF)
a) Educational Paradigms: Old and New, Victor Ordonez (modified by Deane Neubauer) (PDF)
2. The Intractable Dominant Educational Paradigm, John Hawkins (PDF)
3. Globalization and Education: Characteristics, Dynamics, Implications, Neubauer (PDF)
a) Ten Globalization Challenges for Higher Education, Neubauer (PDF)
4. Higher Education: Public Good or Private Service? Molly Lee (PDF)
5. Access, Equity and Capacity in Asia Pacific Higher Education, Hawkins & Neubauer (PDF)
6. Regional Cooperation in Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific, Lee (PDF)
7. Teaching Globalization as a Content-Based Language Course to Chinese students: a case study at NENU, Yang Yuchen (PDF)
8. The Changing Social Ecology of Higher Education in the Asia Pacific Region, Neubauer (PDF)
9. Higher Education & Quality Assurance: Trends & Tensions in Asia, Neubauer & Hawkins (PDF])
10. Framing the Conversation about the Knowledge Society, Hawkins & Neubauer (PDF)
11. Regional Cooperation or Competition? The Rise of Transnational Higher Education & the Emergence of Regulatory Regionalism in Asia, Ka Ho Mok (PDF)
12. Mobility Data for Higher Education in Asia (PDF)
a) The Rhetoric and Reality of Mobility and Migration in Higher Education: UCLA, Hawkins (PDF)
13. Understanding Regionalization of Higher Education in Asia, Jane Knight (PDF)
14. The Social Benefits of Higher Education, Christopher Collins (PDF)
15. APEC Learning Outcomes, Collins (PDF)
16. Higher Education and “Public Good,” Collins (PDF )
17. Conference Summary and Reflections, Ralph A. Wolff (PDF)

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